Our Wallet

Our Official Wallet

The current mobile application is based on stored value card as a means of remittance, which is currently live and under regulatory supervision in two US states. This new approach brings more transparency, speed and solves the hyper-competitive nature of agent model by improving upon the four key important factors for agents

How It Works

Splitting the Sale from the Send

With the REMCO platform, we aim to package technology into practical solutions for the money transfer industry, and with our wallet we specifically aim at the cash-in agent role. We have reengineered the processes that customers and agents must follow, and developed a prepaid card that can be sold as any giftcard. The customer then visits a mobile-enabled website to set up and fund their wallet. This website offers options for affordably splitting the funds and for other controls previously not possible. By splitting the sale from the send, we change the nature of the agent experience for both the sender and the agent, providing both value by addressing pain points on both sides.

Powerfull Network

The blockless “tangle” REMCO create using directed acyclic graphs (DAG) will allow programmable Tokens to be issued by remittance partners on the network who then distribute them to requesting agents for sale to senders of money.

competitive Agent Model

The long-established street corner agent role has become less and less satisfying for all stakeholders. As process engineers, we reinvented the agent role and the mechanism by which good funds enter the system and are sent.

Easy Money Transfer

REMCO Tokens are intuitive, like physical cash and their predetermined value is less error-prone and simplifies the end-to-end process.

Powerful Mobile App and Mobile-Enabled Website

Sender purchases denominated Tokens and uses a mobile app or goes online to initiate money transfers to any bank account or mobile wallet in any country, participating in the network. The sender will perform the actual transfer.

Brings more Transparency and Speed

This new approach taken by the REMCO Token brings more transparency and speed. All stakeholders have dashboards to view the status of their activity.

Sending to Many

The multichain blockchain technology allows practically cost-free transactions, and this opens up new possibilities for micro-payments and machine-to-machine payments. In its two live USA implementations, VTNGlobal has already proven the attractiveness of allowing multiple recipients; it was an instantly popular feature.

Partners of other platform businesses currently operated by the REMCO Founder.