Benefits for Remittance Companies

  • Issue their own token in any currency of choice
  • Distribute their token to end users directly
  • Define the characteristics of their token
  • Token can be used to remit money to bank/mobile wallets globally
  • Tie their token to mobile wallet payout network globally
  • Distribute their token to their agents

Benefits for Agents

  • Take ownership of token and send to users
  • Earn token activation commission
  • Earn token usage fee

Benefits for Users

  • Use token to send money to bank accounts globally
  • Use token to send money to mobile wallets globally
  • Use token to send multiple transactions thereby reducing cost

Remco Main Features

The REMCO Token solution is built on blockchain, and it includes a self-service B2B platform that not only allows money transmitters to enjoy the advantages of DLT using their existing cash-in networks, but to expand their networks by riding REMCOs reinvented processes for street corner agents.

Mobile app demo video

Partners of other platform businesses currently operated by the REMCO Founder.